Konnichiwa Japan

Before visiting Japan, let's know a little essence of Japan.


Taste of Japan

The Japanese taste is very delicate.

Sweetness, Saltiness, Bitterness, Sourness and "Umami".
They are all important factors to make up Japanese Cuisine.

No adding too much hands on its ingredients.
The importance of Japanese Cuisine is to bring out the natural flavor of its ingredients.
Japan has a beautiful four seasons.
Seasonal foods have a high value of nutrition.
Eating them makes our body healthy.
You can feel the sense of seasons from our cuisine.

In recent years, "sushi" has become very familiar Japanese cuisine around the world.
But there is still lots more delicious food in Japan.
Let's go out and discover it!!


Always On Time

Japan is one of the countries that have a better public transportation network in the world.

All of the transportations has been accurately operated.

Were you surprised that the train arrived on time?

“Accurate on time, Safe, fast and clean"

They are all common in Japan.

Using these superior transportation, let's take a trip inside Japan.


Breeze of Spiritual

The number of Shinto shrine and temples which there is in Japan is approximately 160,000.
There are very attractive sightseeing spots to visit.
These places have been treasured by the Japanese people since from the ancient times.

Let's easily explain the difference between Shinto shrine and temple.
Shinto shrines are the focus of Japan's indigenous Shinto faith and appear in many styles. Generally, a red Torii marks the entrance to a shrine.
The temples are built to serve the Buddhist religious tradition.
While shrines are entered through an arched Torii, a temple is entered through a gateway usually flanked by guardian figures. These gateways are called "sanmon".

Let's pray at the Shinto shrine and temple in various parts of Japan, and get divine favor!


Traditional Crafts

It is told that there are approximately 1200 traditional craft objects in Japan now.

The rich sensitivity that a Japanese has and a delicate technique.
All of the traditional craft objects are made with the skills of "Takumi" (artisans).

The beautiful traditional craft object which has been inherited more than the times.
Please make a chance to look, and touch it once.

We hope you will find the special one from the many works.


Ko n ni chi wa


It is a greeting word when we use it in the day time.

Please use it casually when you meet the Japanese people.
I'm sure that They will say "konnichiwa" too.

Japanese and English words are so different.
So maybe it will be a tough time for you to learn japanese.

But Please learn it more.
If you can be able to speak Japanese a little,
you will enjoy Japan a lots more.